We are delighted to offer a home to these equines.

It costs us approximately $4000 a year to provide basic care for a horse.  
This includes feed, veterinarian and farrier services, and necessary health maintenance
treatments.  Some horses also need nutritional supplements because of health problems like
arthritis, or special food because of teeth problems/inability to chew regular rations.

Since officially opening in March 2006, we have received calls from individuals who
have inquired about placing hundreds of equines with us.  
The cost for feed and medical care for the horses is not fully covered by donations,
thus we are limited in the number of equines we can currently accept.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Your contributions may be tax deductible.  
100% of donations go toward the feed and medical care for the sanctuary horses,
burros, and goats.  Many unwanted horses are in desperate need of homes.  
Please help by sponsoring an equine today!
The horses appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Amore, Violet and Daisy are super sweet and
friendly burros.  They love greeting visitors and
appreciate attention!

Chad enjoys being a clown and entertaining the
children who visit.  He loves opening gates and
sometimes locks the other horses in stalls!
photograph by Guy Atchley
In Memory... Sanctuary animals
who crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Sarge  2006
Derringer  2007
Dippy   2009
Fancy Man & Marmisa  2010
Snickers & Tootsie Roll  2012
Stogie, RJ, Sparky, Moonie & Oliver  2014  
Flopsy, Chai & Grace     2015   
Bak  2016
Voodoo, Natchez, Shiloh, Giselle 2019
Secret, Faith & Flurry, 2020
Zeffie was our surprise baby donkey born at
the Sanctuary.  Her mom Buttercup lives here
Five wild mustangs live at the Sanctuary,
including surprise baby Solana who was born
here.  Can you help support them?