Located in the scenic Canelo Hills of Southern Arizona, we are home to Whisper's Sanctuary,
a place of peace and healing for horses and other animals.  

Motivated by witnessing the misfortunes of abused animals, and the uncertain plight of horses
sent to auction, we are dedicated to offering an alternative solution for unwanted animals, or
those whose owners can no longer care for them.  We provide animals a place to live out their
days in peace, surrounded by beauty, companionship, and love.

All animals at the Ranch have a job, according to their talents and abilities.  We believe this
gives each animal a sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging.  Whether a job may be simply
acting as a companion to an older animal, facilitating therapy with people, or participating in
farm safety and security, each individual makes a significant contribution to the functioning of
the Sanctuary.

The Ranch is comprised of 26 acres in Elgin, Arizona at an elevation of 5100 ft., surrounded by
the Coronado National Forest.  The views are endless, as are the dreams inspired by providing
a safe haven for animals in need.

Donations and Volunteering
If you have an animal seeking a new home,  please contact us to discuss your situation.  We
have received calls for hundreds of horses that need homes since we began the Sanctuary in
2005.  We do our best to triage animals to the best possible homes if we cannot accept them
into the Sanctuary.  Finances limit the number of animals we can accept, as we operate mostly
out of pocket.  We rely on your donations, and appreciate your kindness and generosity.  
Donations of any size are graciously accepted and appreciated.  

At this time we cannot accept donations of feed for the animals as most of the animals are on
fixed diets.  We only purchase what we need, when it is needed, in an effort to reduce waste.  

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Your donations are tax-deductible.  We send confirmation letter
to donors for use when filing your income taxes.    

We participate in an online shopping program through igive.com and Goodshop.com.  If you
shop online and register the Sanctuary as your charity of choice these organizations will donate
a percentage of your purchase amount, at no cost to you.  

* www.Igive.com: register Whisper's Sanctuary as your charity, then order online from
hundreds of stores, and we receive a donation at no cost to you!  Go to  

* If you shop Amazon.com consider registering the Sanctuary as your charity through
AmazonSmile.  When you access AmazonSmile through Igive, the Sanctuary is eligible for
double donations!

* If you search the internet, consider using www.goodsearch.com and registering the
sanctuary as your charity of choice.  They will donate a penny to the sanctuary for every
search you do, at no cost to you!  Good Search now offers a donation program for online
shopping!  Help us out... visit  

* You can also Goodshop for us!  Register Whisper's Sanctuary as your charity of choice, then
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Contact Information:
Telephone:  (520) 455-5424

Mailing address:  2160 E. Fry Blvd, #342, Sierra Vista, AZ   85635

Email addresses:  toni@rrheartranch.com

Visit us and stay awhile at our B &B, and tour the Sanctuary....
Whisper's Ranch Bed & Breakfast: www.whispersranch.com
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